I am a native Georgian who has always enjoyed creating things with my hands. For more than twenty-five years, I have been a hobby woodworker who has built bookcases, shelves, cabinets, jewelry boxes, chests, display cabinets, and a couple of solid body guitars.

Looking for something new and different, I decided to try woodturning. Like most novice woodturners, I initially invested in a small lathe to see if I would enjoy turning. Like most, I began by turning small bowls and weed pots (small vessels designed to hold dried flowers). Very quickly I “graduated” to a larger lathe and bought more (and more) tools.

Many of my fellow woodturners turn only occasionally and rarely attempt anything more complicated than a six-inch bowl or a pen-and-pencil set. Woodturning has now become my passion. I am always looking for projects that challenge my abilities, such as hollow forms and goblets. While I have certainly had my share of failures, I have also had many successes along the way, and I am really enjoying the journey.