Artist’s Statement

Turned wooden objects fall into two general groups: artistic and practical. A practical object must first perform the desired function; and if it has a pleasing appearance, so much the better. Artistic objects must have a design that enhances the natural beauty of the wood; the turning must be done well; and the finish must be flawless.

Although I have developed skills and abilities and have learned some techniques that I use to produce and finish pieces, I don’t really consider myself an artist. I feel that I am really just a craftsman who thoroughly enjoys playing in a shop (not a studio).

I rarely start a piece with a completed design in mind. I generally have an idea of what I might be able to produce out of a wooden blank and will work on a piece until it looks “right” (or does not look “wrong”). If I cannot make it into something that I would put in my house, then I have no difficulty tossing it in the trash. I want to be proud of any object that has my name on it.

I invite you to purchase, examine, and feel the objects that I have produced. Let them excite all your senses. These pieces should not be confined to just the static two-dimensional views displayed on these pages. They should be enjoyed.