Methods to hold objects for spraying

I have tried various methods to hold turned pieces for spraying. Most have resulted in a dropped piece at one time or another. These are the best methods that I have found to date.

This is a set of barbecue tongs from which I cut the ends. They are springy and are easy to insert and remove from the opening and hold the object securely.

(This was published in the “Tips” section of the Fall 2009 edition of  “American Woodturner” and is now jointly copyrighted by the American Association of Woodturners and me.)

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Several vendors sell spring clamps that are used for holding cabinet doors for spraying. These spring clamps are designed to fit into the Euro hinge hole on the door. They work very well for holding smaller vessels. I have cut the tips off one set to fit into vessels with small openings.

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Locking pliers can be useful for holding small objects for spraying. Here welding clamps are being used to hold a vessel base and a finial for spraying. The second clamp in each photo is being used to hold the first for photographing. I usually hang them up to dry after spraying.

Holding vessel base

Holding finial

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